Work on King’s Walk car park in Gloucester is making good progress – with levels 4, 5 and 6 now completed.

To ensure that residents and visitors can make the most of the bank holiday, the whole car park will re-open for the weekend.

Work is set to begin again next week, with a closure to level 3, which will last until 6th September.

Levels 1 and 2 will then be closed from 9th September until 4th October, with 193 car park spaces still open for use.

The whole car park will then be fully closed for four weeks between 7th October to 8th November to allow for work on the car park entrance, ramps, signage and car park façade.

The refurbishment, which will create an extra 13 parking spaces, is part of the wider transformation of King’s Walk shopping centre by Reef Group, Gloucester City Council partners and asset managers. The project includes new and remodelled shop fronts and the upgrading of Eastgate Street.